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Vunula Manufacturing Entrepreneurial Support & Skills Development
This division is aimed at assisting up and coming manufacturers in the clothing and related industries.

The support includes training and mentorship programs aimed at producing professional and profitable manufactures. This project targets primarily black entrepreneurs, especially youth and women.

Vunula School of Fashion Design
The school was established in 1992 to equip unemployed persons with skills they need to make a living. The market was soon expanded cater for those who were employed but were looking at a new hobby or pursuing a new career in fashion industry.

Since its inception the school has trained thousands of people, especially youth from the historically disadvantaged communities. The challenge was to create employment opportunities for the graduates. It is for this reason that Vunula established the manufacturing division.

The House of Vunula is a brainchild of Fikile Nxedlana, it is a women owned enterprise that is creating job opportunities; mainly for the historically disadvantaged communities. The House of Vunula has the following trading divisions
- Vunula Manufacturing
- M'Southern Fashions
- Vunula Entrepreneurial Support & Skills Development
- Vunula School of Fashion Design

Vunula Manufacturing
This division provides the CMT (cut make & trim) services for the retail chain stores. Vunula Manufacturing is equipped with industrial machinery, skilled and experienced workers. It has an excellent track record of good quality work, on-time delivery and professional service.

This division employs almost 20 people, most of whom are women from the historically disadvantaged communities.

M'Southern Fashions
This is an outlet that specialises in the designs of African / traditional outfits. This outlet sells to the public and also accepts orders for customized garments, usually for special occasions.



Contact the House at: ||||||| tel: +27 31 309 8424 ||||||| fax: +27 31 309 8425 ||||||||

or email: info@vunula.com

or snail mail: P. O. Box 49049 QUALBERT 4039, KZN, South Africa.

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